Embroidery service

Beautiful embroideries add special glam and individuality to our products, make their wearer more noticeable.
With machine embroideries, all textiles can be made more interesting. Emboideries can be added to clients’ own products, but you can also order shirts, work clothes, knitwear etc, and embellish them with embroidered motifs or logos.
Our database comprises a large amount of different embroidery patterns: national, floral, geometrical, abstract, archaic motifs … Just send us your wishes.
The clients are consulted about the pattern’s position on the product and suitable thread colours.
Bright superior quality viscose threads are used in our embroideries.
Embroideries will not fade and are more time-proof than printed pictures. Embroideries endure machine washing on high temperatures (95 degrees C), and ironing.
Your own pictures or photos can be used to make embroideries.
Just bring or send us your logo or picture file (cdr-, gif-, ai-, jpg-, jpeg-, bmp-, eps-, pdf-, emf- or icd-file). The higher the quality of your picture, the easier to turn it into embroidery

Embroidery service for companies

Clothing with embroidered logos are an advertisement for your company. Business gifts with embroidered logos, in turn, make the gift original and unforgettable. The most popular are bath towels with embroidered logos and baseball hats with logos.

Sulky and Madeira high-quality viscose and polyester embroidery threads with a wide color spectrum used in embroidery ensure excellent quality and beautiful results for the embroidered logos.

Embroidery lasts for a long time; it does not fade. Embroidery is resistant to high-temperature machine washing and ironing.

What services are offered?

  • programming of embroidery files
  • ordering workwear and uniforms
  • embroidery of logos on clothes
  • embroidery of emblems
  • embroidery of name tags 
  • embroidery of product labels

How to order embroidery of logos and company emblems?

If you wish to embroider the logo or company emblems, please send an image file (preferably in vector format (cdr-, gif-, ai-, jpg-, jpeg-, bmp-, eps-, pdf-, emf- or icd-file) and the dimensions of the logo to e-mail: info@desigri.ee . Then, an embroidery file is made for the logo, in the course of which the type and length, the density and direction of the stitches of the image to be embroidered, the base stitches, the order of embroidery of the elements and the interchange of threads for the colors is  determined in the embroidery program: the more details, the more stitches. The program determines the number of stitches of the embroidery that will be used as a basis for calculating the price. The first time you order a logo embroidery, a one-off embroidery file manufacturing fee will be added to the embroidery of the logo, which depends on the complexity of the logo. In the subsequent orders, the customer will pay only the cost of the embroidery of the logo.

The price of the embroidery is agreed upon with the customer, the thread tones of the embroidered logo and the position of the logo on the product are set, and embroidery can begin.

Which embroidery machines are used?

The logos are embroidered on an industrial 15-needle Elucky embroidery machine, which gives access to the products even in the tightest of areas (sleeves, trouser legs) and to baseball hats. Beautiful embroidery is also made by the professional home embroidery machine Husqvarna Viking Designer Ruby deLuxe.

Beautiful embroidery will make you shine!

Making of beautiful embroideries gives the designer creative freedom to execute even the boldest ideas. Embroideries make coats, dresses, sweaters, skirts original, eye-catching and unique. If you want to be original and stand out among the people, be sure to come to Tikkimisstuudio in Hiiumaa or contact us by e-mail: info@desigri.ee

Embroidery makes the product original and a gift memorable. Personalized gifts are very popular: name embroidery on bath towels embroidered names and birth details on stuffed animals, birth details of children in a picture frame, a portrait embroidered by a photo on a T-shirt or picture frame, etc…

Sulky and Madeira high-quality embroidery threads the wide color spectrum of which ensures excellent embroidery quality and beautiful results are used for embroidery.

It is possible to embroider on a wide variety of products and materials (jackets, coats, jeans, wedding dresses, tulle veils, linen dresses, curtains, knitwear, sweaters, baseball hats…).

In Tikkimisstuudio, at Vabrikuväljak 1, Kärdla, you can choose the embroidery pattern that is most suitable and right for you.

There are many different types of embroidery in the embroidery studio:

  • Estonian national patterns (Muhu embroidery , North Estonian sleeve pattern,  Iisaku patterns , Kadrina bonnet pattern,  , Lihula flower pattern  , Jõelähtme scarf pattern , Mulgi patterns , Pühalepa bonnet pattern , Pühalepa belt pattern , Käina bonnet pattern, Emmaste collar pattern, etc.)
  • flower embroidery – poppies, cornflowers, roses, daisies, etc …
  • geometric shapes
  • abstract motifs
  • archaic patterns
  • cross stitch patterns

The placement of the pattern on the garment is coordinated with the customer, appropriate thread tones are selected, and work can begin.

Embroidery lasts for a long time, can withstand high-temperature machine washing and ironing.

Embroidery prices:

The price is based on the number of stitches on the embroidery (for example, embroidering a picture with 10,000 stitches costs EUR 20).
Embroidery prices for private customers start at EUR 15.
The cost of embroidering a name depends on the height of the letter, the cost of embroidering a letter of 2-3 cm is 1.5 -€
The prices of embroidery of company logo depend on the size, complexity, and quantity of the logo.
On the first time order of the logo embroidery, the one-off fee for the creation of the embroidery file starting from EUR 46 will be added.
The embroidery files are stored in the database and can be used again for subsequent orders.

To get a price offer, please send the logo image file and the desired logo dimensions to the e-mail of the embroidery studio.